Meet Our Experienced Dentists at Weston Dental Practice

At Weston Dental Practice, we take great pride in introducing you to our team of experienced dentists who ensure the absolute oral health care of our valued patients. While providing exceptional dental treatments with innovative concepts and methodologies, they forthrightly display their expertise, skills, dedication, and a strong sense of commitment towards tangible results, and patient satisfaction.

Firstly, we have Dr. Jessica Clinton, our highly accomplished and proficient dental surgeon. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Dr. Clinton is a veteran with a vast knowledge in general dentistry, especially in corrective procedures. Holder of a degree from the prestigious University of California, she is known for her professional aptitude, unquestionable ethics, and gentle hands. Dr. Clinton also has a penchant for pediatric dentistry and has a way with children. She makes them feel comfortable and eases their fear, making each journey to the dentist a non-terrifying experience for both kids and parents.

Next, meet Dr. Andrew Smith, our certified Orthodontist. Graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Smith possesses 12 years of expertise in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics. He attunes to the specific needs of patients who are looking to improve not just functionality, but also the aesthetic appearance of their smile. From adults to children, he has built a grand repertoire of patients who appreciate his personal attention and custom-made treatments, making him the go-to orthodontist in the community.

Then we have Dr. Emily Parker, our leading Periodontist, an expert in treating gum disease and dental implants. With a doctoral degree from Columbia University, her portfolio boosts over ten years of adept experience. She is nationally recognized for her innovative protocols to control periodontal diseases and her perfection in implant prostheses. Her approach to each patient is thorough, effective, and compassionate making her a favorite among those who suffer gum ailments.

Lastly, we present Dr. Martin Brown, our resident Prosthodontist who specializes in restorative dentistry. He holds a degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has been mastering his craft for the past 20 years. Closely interworking with other dental specialists, he particularly caters to the need for the restoration and replacement of broken, worn out, or missing teeth. Dr. Brown’s sculpturing of dentures, bridges, and crowns is ingeniously artistic and reliably durable.

At Weston Dental Practice, our dentists are devoted to attaining a higher level of excellence in their dental services. They diligently pursue advanced professional development through regular workshops, training, and dental conferences. Hence, technology-wise, they are always updated, and approach-wise, they are even more refined.

Being experienced practitioners does not just imply being expert clinicians for our staff. They believe in comprehensive oral care and dedicate themselves to their duty as educators. They take the opportunity of one-on-one interactions with patients not only to address the current issues, but also to educate them on how to maintain good oral health in the future.

It is said, “Every tooth in a man’s head is worth more than a diamond,” and our experienced team of specialists at Weston Dental Practice truly uphold this sentiment. Their integrated approach towards developing overall oral health, emphasizing preventive dental care, and patient-friendly methods sets them apart from their contemporaries.

In conclusion, at Weston Dental Practice, each visit guarantees comprehensive dental care from a team of accomplished professionals who are passionate about smiles. Our experienced dentists appreciate the trust you put in them and reciprocate by providing the best dental care possible. They are dedicated to making sure that every patient leaves their dental practice weston clinic with a bright and healthy smile, plus the knowledge to keep it that way.